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Do you sell your games directly to the general public?

Yes. You can order any of our games or supplies directly from us. You can order items from the Easy Order page or from each separate game page.

Do you sell to retailers?

Yes, but not directly. Any games or supplies that we have for sale to retailers here at Hit Point Sales. They are processing all our distributor and retail sales. A couple of the larger distributors they sell to are: ACD and GTS Distribution (in the United States), Universal Distribution (in Canada), and Brave New World (in Germany - Eruope). For a complete list of distributors go to Hit Point Sales and scroll down on the homepage.

Do you have a store?

No. We are strictly the game designers and manufacturing coordinators. Besides, there are plenty of nice stores where you can purchase our games from.

I am a retailer. Why can't I find all your games at Hit Point Sales?

Not all of our games have a retail box yet. We're still a relatively young company and retail packaging is expensive to produce so we sometimes have to make a choice between producing a retail box for a game we already have published or producing a new game.

An example of this is our Chroma Cards. We feel that putting two decks of cards (in shrink wrapped tuck boxes) along with a set of instructions and a bag of dice into a priority box is an acceptable way to deliver a game to a customer. The current price of the game also reflects that. If a store were to purchase this from us we don't feel it is in our best intrest so send them a box of 6 Deck A, 6 Deck B, 6 sets of instructions, and 6 sets of dice loosely in a box. That would be difficult to package for distribution, and not very professional looking sitting on a store shelf as a "baggy" of components or a loose pile of parts.

Was your game on Kickstarter?

Some of our games have been on Kickstarter to help us raise the money we need to publish the games. When we do this, we try to offer incentives to help motivate individuals to back the game - such as limited run promo cards that will not be published with the retail version of the game.

I missed the Kickstarter campaign but the game is still in production. Can I still get in on the Kickstarter deal with the special limited run items?

No, for two reasons. One, this would be unfair to the original backers of the game. And two, as Kickstarter doesn't allow "post campaign" contributions to be made it would mean we would have to track everything manually. That just makes things too complicated and confusing from our end.

I am a retailer. Can I back your project to receive a retail discount?

Not at this time. We may change this in the future. Our current preference is to have you place your retail orders through Hit Point Sales once the game is released. If there are any extra promotional items left over after we package the Kickstarter games we will give them to Hit Point Sales and you will automatically receive them when your order. It will be at their discretion as to how many to include with each order.

Are you accepting game submissions for future games?

We are hoping to get to that point some day, but right now we're just publishing our own stuff. If you have a game idea that you are interested in publishing we highly recommend Game Salute. They have the knowledge, experience and resources to get the job done.

Where are your games made?

In order to get the best quality and best pricing we use a combination of facilites located here in the United States, overseas, and we also produce some of the components in house. We currently do all of the assembly and packaging here in our New Hampshire location.

I see some cool games on your "In Progress" page. When will those be available?

Some of our games are done and just need funding. Other games still need some fine tuning. Consider that page a teaser as to what is coming. Unless we've begun the process of mass production we aren't able to predict release dates. One of the best ways to keep up with what we're doing is to join our email list. We send out letters about once a month to let you know what we're up to.

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